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Bay Area Wedding DJ: Why you should hire a professional instead of attempting to DIY

August 10, 2020

Los Gatos DJ - Bay Area Wedding DJ @ Regale Winery

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As a Bay Area wedding DJ, I completely understand.  Weddings can be expensive, and we are all trying to save money right now.  It is certainly a good idea when planning a wedding to set a budget for yourself and weigh your financial options and obligations.

You could be looking forward to the beautiful florals for the day, or the delicious meal you will be treating everyone to.  Perhaps, you are mostly excited about the incredible dance party that everyone will be raving about for years to come, or the beautiful wedding photos captured by your professional photographer and your super fun, open-air photo booth. Either way, you should choose the most important aspects of your Bay Area wedding that you are looking forward to.  You will want to make sure to budget accordingly so that you have the best wedding experience possible.

However, in an attempt to save money, some couples attempt cutting corners with some of their professional wedding services.  Including, when it comes to the music at the wedding.

Maybe, you are considering asking one of your brother’s friends to play the music at your wedding (he does have some great Spotify playlists he’s pulled together over the years), or, hiring one of your coworkers who DJs at a local nightclub and for family gatherings here and there.

Los Gatos DJ - Emma Hopp Photography - Professional MC - Bay Area Wedding DJ @ Villa Montalvo

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Yes, you may save some money delegating your wedding music to your brother’s friend or hiring a coworker who DJ’s on the side.  But, in the attempt to save money, you could end up truly paying for it in the end:  a wedding that is memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

Professional wedding disc jockeys have dedicated their life to their field of expertise: wedding music.  They have tons of experience and knowledge that can help guide you through the wedding planning process when it comes to the timing of events, toasts and speeches, traditional dances, and MC announcements throughout the day.  The wedding industry is a tight-knit community of professional vendors.  These professionals will save you tons of time with back and forth emails since they have already been working together for years.

If you are determined to “do it yourself,” and are DIY crafty, by all means go for it!  Just know that you will most likely end up working on your wedding day.  Actually, you will end up working before, during, and after your wedding day…just like hired professionals do.

Wedding professionals take the work off of your plate so that you can enjoy your special day with your best friend.  You do not want to be stressing about missing flowers, wondering where your DJ friend is, setting up your own escort cards, or being responsible for the timeline of the day so that dinner doesn’t end up going too long and you end up with no time for dancing at the end of the night.  The flow and timing of the wedding ceremony and reception is super important.  A professional Bay Area wedding DJ already understands this.  They know how to navigate a wedding timeline, changes and all.  They know how to work with other vendors to create a streamlined event.

LOS GATOS DJ - Nestldown Wedding DJ - Last Dance

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Wedding professionals allow you to take in all of the fun details of your wedding celebration so that you can actually spend time with your guests and family.  You can avoid being the “go-to person” at your own wedding.  You can also avoid having to clean up everything at the end of the night, too.  It is quite the sight to see a beautiful bride in her gorgeous wedding gown carrying tables, picking up linens, and schlepping items to and from her “get-a-way car” at the end of the night.

You really only get this one chance to get it right.  There are no do overs with weddings.  It is not a run-though and you will not have the ability to go back and change anything.  Like milestone birthdays and school graduations, hosting a wedding celebration is a “lifetime event” that you will never be able to experience again as they only come along once in a lifetime.

LOS GATOS DJ - Villa Montalvo Wedding - Bay Area Wedding Disc Jockeys

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The difference between a professional Bay Area wedding DJ and using a friend who “really likes music” and has “played music at a friend’s house party:”

Professional DJ vs Your Friend Comparison Chart (LOS GATOS DJ)

As you can see, hiring a professional wedding DJ will allow you to have fun on your wedding day.  You avoid getting stuck with an average wedding vendor or hobbyist.

[arve url=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/351502932?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ align=”center” title=”LOS GATOS DJ @ Nestldown Wedding – DJs in the Bay Area” description=”Nestldown Wedding DJ – SF Bay Area Photo Booth” /]

Video by Grover Films

One of the biggest problems with hiring a family member or a “cheap” wedding vendor is the possibility that they could end up backing out last minute.  A family member or friend could come to realize they are unable to take on the huge responsibility of being your wedding DJ (or, they are unwilling to as they would prefer to be one of your guests and have fun).  Also worrisome is the possibility that your affordable DJ friend may drop your wedding for a higher paying event.  If either happens, you are stuck.  Professional disc jockeys are hired for weddings sometimes 12-24 months in advance.

Weddings are stressful enough without adding a DIY project to your plate.  Why add more stress to your day when you could hire a professional DJ to do the work for you?

Los Gatos DJ - Wedding DJ - First we get them singing, then we get them dancing!

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The bottom line is that hiring a wedding professional will make your wedding day better.  Whether it is a professional wedding photographer, videographer, cake baker, florist, etc.  With a professional Bay Area wedding DJ, you can relax knowing that all of your favorite music requests have been heard and taken care of.

Save your energy for the “after party” when you can let your hair down and enjoy the fact that you just pulled off the most fun, beautiful, exciting wedding of the year.

LOS GATOS Wedding DJ - End the fun night with a jump in the pool!

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We love what we do and so do Nestldown, Villa Montalvo, Clos LaChance Winery, Radonich Ranch, Point 16 in Big Sur, Regale Winery, and many more.

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