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Combine your favorite music with our expert selections. Our DJ services include spending countless creative hours constructing a personalized playlist for you.




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The real art of what we do, though, occurs at your actual event — adjusting the playlist to the live responses from your guests. We notice when attendees tap their feet at the tables and groove with the music. If you want more people on the dance floor, we’ll customize the music based off of people’s responses and pick beats that guests can’t help but dance to.


Plus, we play a variety of music with our DJ services that caters to everyone in the group. When it comes to adding that extra pizazz, our DJs can skillfully place event lighting in any room to give new color and life to a venue.  

A professional DJ business built from our shared love of music, family and making people happy.

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We began our adventure into DJ entertainment after we met and fell in love. Dan came into the business as a talented musician and music producer. He has loved music his entire life. Dan’s strong musical background made it easy for him to become a DJ. Dan has performed in several bands, DJed as the opening act for Taylor Swift and he even mixed the music for years at Marissa Mayer’s weekly all-hands Yahoo meetings. He is Yahoo’s resident DJ and has been DJing on their campus since 2002! Dan has an amazing ability to judge the mood and pick the music accordingly. When he isn’t DJing or working at an event, he is in his studio playing guitar and writing music. You may catch some of his music promoting businesses around the SF Bay Area.

about cassie & dan

Los Gatos DJ Company Owners & Music Lovers

Cassie is the event planner and MC pro (known to be eloquent on the microphone and have an impeccable sense of humor when needed). She is wondrously personable and professional, always knowing exactly what to say and what to do. Cassie has a Bachelor of Science in public relations and works seamlessly with site coordinators and event planners. As you might know by now, Cassie is passionate about creating strong, long-lasting professional relationships with clients and vendors. She is an idea machine and is constantly working on creative projects such as photography, photo booth designs, animations and marketing plans. Her favorite thing, however, which she shares with Dan, is simply experiencing life together, giggling about funny comedy shows, listening to music on the record player, singing karaoke in Dan's studio and taking road trips to wherever a beach can be found.

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We have a talented team of DJs. We often hear how much they love working in the music industry. The opportunity to create memories for our clients, all while working with creative, like-minded professionals is a dream come true for our team members!





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about pam

Pam has been a part of the Los Gatos DJ family since 2005. She is from Los Gatos, CA and is a social butterfly. She loves people and prides herself in providing excellent customer service. Pam has loved music her entire life, and adds a unique level of experience with her background in sales, marketing and customer service for some of the biggest high tech businesses. By joining our team of DJs, Pam has fulfilled her dream of being involved in the music industry. She loves making each event memorable, using her keen sense of knowing what song to play at the right time to get everyone on the dance floor. 

When off the dance floor, Pam enjoys spending time with her husband, family and dogs, Fancy and Rocky. She also enjoys going to concerts, dancing, doing beach days and watching sappy movies. Her favorite saying is, “life without music would be boring.”

about arlie

Arlie is originally from Sonora, CA. He joined our team of DJs in 2005. He’s a DJ, Karaoke DJ and Master of Ceremonies. He is friendly, has the best smile and always takes great care of clients by providing the best musical experience for their events. Arlie came to our company with over 20 years of experience as a Technical Support Engineer in the high tech industry. His technical skills have come in handy setting up sound systems, karaoke systems and slideshows. Arlie believes in customer satisfaction and does his best to make every event extra special. His motto is “do it right, give it your all, or don’t do it all.” 

When Arlie isn’t DJing, he loves attending concerts, singing karaoke, fishing, completing DIY home projects, and cheering on his favorite football and baseball teams.

about guy

Guy hails from Northern California, with most of his life spent in the South Bay Area and roots in San Jose. His favorite part of being a Los Gatos DJ is when he witnesses the reunion of family and friends. It’s a heartwarming experience that never grows old. 

Guy has been known to hold it down in karaoke and really enjoys the outdoors. Climbing Diamond Head Volcano and the extremely challenging Koko Head is on his list of accomplishments.

Besides playing music, he always looks forward to spending time with his partner, Wendy, and their family of cats. Actually, his family of cats allow him to spend time with Wendy as they see fit.

about reza

Reza was born in Tehran, Iran but grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and attended high school in Los Gatos. Reza first took an interest in DJing in 1999. His college roommate had turntables and a wall of records which he let Reza mess around with. He finally committed to buying his own set up in the summer of 2000. While learning to mix on vinyl was challenging, it was the best decision he ever made. DJing and record collecting soon became the focal point of his life. In 2019, the opportunity presented itself to join the Los Gatos DJ team. Now, his favorite part of being a DJ is creating an atmosphere that makes everyone want to dance. 
Reza is learning music production and working at creating his own music too. He also enjoys playing golf and hanging out with friends.

Our intention is to leave people feeling happier after hearing the mix of song selections we’ve played at an event. Music is so powerful. Let’s see what wonders it can stir up for your event.

DJ Services with Intention

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Why choose LOS GATOS DJ as your wedding DJ/MC?

Weddings are what we are known for. As professional wedding DJs, event planners and music enthusiasts, we bring heart and soul to each and every wedding. Providing music for weddings does not feel like work for us because we love what we do. From the special vows you share during your ceremony, to your first dance together as a newly married couple, we will make every moment memorable and lots of fun! It is truly a unique, customized music experience for you and your guests. 


What can we expect from our wedding DJ and MC?

As professional wedding DJs, we blend in with the guests, dress appropriately and, of course, establish inviting atmospheres with the best music and lighting. We are more than happy to make announcements and introductions throughout the event. We won't ad lib with inappropriate commentary or get in the way of the ambience we are creating.


What does a wedding DJ need to know before the wedding?

Our detailed process ensures that we have everything we need to DJ your wedding, and that you know what to expect. We’ll discuss everything from your music preferences, the schedule for your wedding, whether or not you’d like song requests at the reception and more.


What kind of music do you play? Can a wedding DJ play any song? Can we make requests? 

Yes! Definitely. We love music and have plenty of it. If there’s a specific song you’d like to hear, please let us know. If you are having a difficult time coming up with songs, there’s no need to worry! We will curate a personalized music playlist for the day based on your suggestions and your other music favorites. We typically play radio-edited versions of songs and generally avoid playing explicit versions of songs (unless, of course, when requested). 


How do you make a good wedding playlist?

This is our specialty! The best wedding playlist consists of songs and artists that the wedding couple has chosen specifically, in addition to a fun mix of other similar artists, both current and classic, in similar styles and genres. The music played at weddings should reflect the couple’s personalities, styles and music preferences.


What kind of equipment do you bring?

We use only pro-audio DJ equipment for every type of event. A typical DJ setup includes dual speakers, CD controllers or turntables, a wireless microphone, music player and DJ mixer.


Should I have a DJ for a small wedding?

Absolutely! Wedding DJs are effective for any and all sized events, including intimate weddings. With smaller groups, a wedding DJ builds a joyful atmosphere and upbeat mood which encourages your guests to make their way to the dance floor. Having a professional DJ at your wedding adds an energy and excitement that may otherwise be missing with such a small crowd. 

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